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March 2015

Starting ILM Level 7 Diploma and Certificated Exective Coaching and Mentoring Course. To formalise work I already engage with


January 2015

Now working with Simon Bozeat MLE Midland Leadership Experience

Saddly Simon has passed away, I send his family my condolences


Autumn 2014 Vice Chair of Nottingham Manufacturing Network

Instrumental in bringing companies together to form the Nottingham Manufacturing Network, sponsored by The University of Nottingham and Nottingham City Council. Contact us if you would like any more details.


Nottingham Manufacturing Network

"We don't make anything anymore do we?" - an often heard statement that is a long way from reality, particularly here in Nottingham.  The University of Nottingham in collaboration with the City Council would like to change this perception and would welcome your views on the following proposal.

It is acknowledged that many business leaders learn directly from their peers however there are few opportunities for them to meet, to exchange ideas/concerns/challenges and to share best practice.  The Nottingham Manufacturing Network intends to address this situation by:

    - showcasing best practice through a programme of factory visits

    - exchanging pragmatic business knowhow through facilitated Q&A sessions during the visits

    - Promoting the manufacturing profile of Nottingham

    - developing appropriate connections with Nottingham City Council with regard to grants and loans

    - developing appropriate connections with the University of Nottingham with regard to expertise and resources

Our plan has been to assess if businesses feel there is a need for such a network and if they would become actively involved with it;

there is a clear demand and we are developing a programme of 5 or 6 factory visits and a range of practical activities that add real value to your business for 2014.

May 2013

Central One ERP System installed at Baker Blower Engineering Ltd Sheffield

April 2013

HallCo CNC now renamed to Baker Blower (UK) Ltd to integrate into Baker Blower Group

January 2013

Engineering Business Support Ltd:   M.D. Steve Walker Has now taken the position of Managing Director at Baker Blower of Sheffield and HallCo CNC of Bradford, to further enhance the engineering capabilities of these companies. This fits in very well with the scope of, Engineering Business Support Ltd.

Baker Blower are a long established company and have been tereading for 140 years.

HallCo were established in 1976 under the name of Coote and Hall.

Both companies provide servies for the sub contracting sector in engineering manufacture, and compliment each other on their range of fascilities.

Ongoing Projects

  • Promoting the availability of resources of Higher Academia to businesses.
  • Quoting.
  • Soucing of Machine tools for specialist project.
    • A Group of companies brought together on a voluntary basis to collaborate in trading and sharing of company issues. Joint turnover £24 million.
  • Sourcing of Manufacturing software systems for companies.
  • Helping a company with their procurement because they are in arrears and need short term support.
  • Sourcing of Customers for Engineering company's.
  • Sourcing of Suppliers for Engineering Company's.

November 2012

  • New web site launched

October 2012

September 2012

  • Qualified as a STEM Ambasador

August 2011

  • Deputised for Managing Director of engineering company during annual leave.

July 2011


        Welcome to 

I am a member of EMCC and I subscribe to EMCC’s Code of Ethics www.emccouncil.org/uk 


Starting ILM Level 7 Diploma and Certificated Exective Coaching and Mentoring Course

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