Software Solutions

Do you have software issues for which you would like solutions?

Do you use software to monitor or run equipment, or collect data?

We offer troubleshooting services for hardware and software problem solving.

We have engineering sector experience and a background in science, and are perfectly placed to understand your plant and machinery needs.

We can simulate your equipment at our offices, keeping downtime to a minimum.

Do you have legacy software that needs updating?

Our speciality is updating and improving your legacy programs.for example converting DOS programs to have Graphical Interfaces in Windows or Linux. We are able to work with your existing code even if your documentation is lost. We can re-engineer a program, even if you do not have the source code.

Do you have programs or spreadsheets that are not the right tools for the job?

We consult with you to write bespoke software tailored to your needs. You will be delivered software specific to your business and your way of working, with the features that you have specified, and not lots of features that you don't need.

You are in control of further development. We give you the source code so that you decide who develops the software further.

Do you sometimes need one-off assistance to solve software or IT problems?

We offer an ad-hoc pat as you go assistance service to solve your software problems. It may be that you have in-house programmers who are looking or a programming solution. Just contact us with your problem and we will endeavour to find the solution or show you how you can solve it.

We are dedicated to providing the best solution that fits your needs.

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